Agility Fun Evening - Lexington

What could you possibly do after being at a swelteringly hot dog show on a Friday before Labor Day? Meet outside (again) under the shade of tall lovely trees (thank goodness) and learn how much fun it is to teach coonhounds to do agility. The people who enjoyed the Agility Fun Run would like to give a great big "Thank You" to Caryn Westmeier for getting the agility equipment to the show site and for finding such a wonderful place to set it up. The agility equipment was set up in a secluded, shady area of the horse park that was easy to get to by car or van and had plenty of room for x-pens with puppies. It was late enough in the evening that the worst of the heat had passed and I saw a lot of people having a great time with their hounds. I took some candid photos of people and coonhounds having fun learning agility. Hope you enjoy them.

Some shots of owners teaching coonhounds the tunnel. Even puppies can have lots of fun.

Up the teeter...................................................Down the Teeter

And more fun teaching the teeter! Note that lots of food and praise and encouragement are used.

More Agility Photos

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