Lexington Agility Fun Evening - Continued

Teaching the chute starts with holding the chute open so the dog can see.

Now THIS is what I call getting into (or maybe ONTO) teaching agility!!!

However, once they get the hang of the A Frame...

Whoops - somebody sneaked a small hound into the photos (wonder who that could be...)

I have heard agility described as "Playing with your dog". I cannot agree more. The dogs love the agility as much as I have ever seen them love anything (except maybe food). Maybe the reason they enjoy agility so much is that so much food and encouragement is used. I have seen dogs that are a bit on the shy side increase in self confidence simply through learning agility. You cannot make a dog do the Dog Walk or the Teeter or the A Frame. They have to want to do it.

Submitted by Edith S. Atchley

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